"I Love Every Day with You!"

From 18 months

A day with friends is so wonderful! Lolo the elephant is happy – all his friends have come to see him. Pippa the fairy bunny has brought something for breakfast, and then Lolo goes shopping with Wilma the whale and Yuki the monkey. The little lion Bababoo prepares lunch – but after that it’s all fun and games! Miss Mali the firefly’s favorite game is blowing bubbles! And Lolo? He is overjoyed, because after this great day, all his friends now want to stay the night with him! - Invites children to seek and find - Enhances language development - Supports everyday family life A story for beginners, which parent and child can read aloud and look at together, any time from when they get up until they go to bed. For children from 18 months.

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